Top Web Design & Development Trends for 2017

1.Card design and grid layouts:-

Card design and grid layouts

Web and mobile apps move away from pages, towards completely personalized experiences. And this experience built on an aggregation of many individual pieces of content. Cards are the new creative concept. First popularized by Pinterest, card design layouts continue to shape and influence web design trends and we will be seeing more of this dynamic grid style in 2017. What make cards so appealing is the simplicity, organization, flexibility and responsiveness that they create. Grid layouts are particularly suitable for pages with an abundance of data, as they make the information more accessible and enticing.

2.Conversational interfaces :-

Conversational interfaces

Websites are starting to jump on the UI trend of conversational interfaces. First websites, designed with a “conversation first” approach already pop up and seem to become increasingly popular. More and more businesses think about ways on how to make use of chatbots for their customer support. The old days of email ping-pong with your customers are (hopefully) over soon. Instead chatbots take over right at the place where they are most useful. Inside your product and right on your website. Bots will boost online sales, solve customer problems, and provide help when it’s needed. Sounds great, right?

3.Bold Colors:-

Bold  Colors

Gone are the days of muted colors on trendy web designs. Bold, saturated hues have made a big resurgence over the past few years, and it looks like the trend will continue into 2017 and beyond. Bright, bold colors are often associated with a sense of fun and happiness, and can be the perfect choice for your site depending on the vibes you want to evoke.

4.More Animations:-

More Animations

More and more sites are moving away from strictly static images, and are instead breaking out of the status quo with small, tasteful animations. From simple animations to indicate a page loading to small motions as a user scrolls down a page, we’ll for sure continue to see this trend grow in 2017, as these subtle effects can really help bring a site to life.

5.Big, bold, creative Typography:-

Big, bold, creative Typography

2017 is the year to push the limits with big, bold typography. We’ve been seeing punchy typography used as more of a design element than just text on the screen, which will continue through this new year. Bold typography and big lettering can really help to evoke emotion, and can help to add a big visual impact especially in instances where you’re low on good photography.

6.VR and 360ºvideo:-

VR and 360ºvideo

Are you surprised by listening to the term ‘Virtual Reality Website’? Well, maintain it. Think of web browsing not with boring flat web designs, but instead with 3D designs and virtual reality feel! As per computer technology vocabulary, Virtual Reality is a computer-simulated reality around you. The whole world is aware about the amazing experience Microsoft’s Hololens provides. One great example of how VR and 360º video can be incorporated into web design to create a breathtaking, interactive experience.

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