How to Buy a CCTV Security Camera System

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Televisions, where the signals are monitored for security and monitoring purpose. The main reason CCTV cameras are gaining popularity is because using them you can secure your home, business or other private properties. You can have a continuous watch over your premises even if you are out of station as they can connect to your mobile devices also.

CCTV cameras are solid-state electric devices that are connected to a central recorder and not broadcasted over the air. The reason why it is called a closed circuit is that it is broadcasting to a specific server and not to anyone in range. The camera is made of the following components: Sensor, Lens and DSP(Digital signal processor). The basic idea is the lens focuses on the light that is to be imaged on the sensor, which in turn is passed to the DSP to convert it into the TV signals. The signals are then transmitted to the monitoring devices either by wired or wireless connectivity.

Now, when it comes to buying a CCTV camera you need to be careful as it is a significant expenditure and should be thought from all the aspects before a signal penny is invested. It is not that you go out and buy the most expensive camera and you are done. You need to consider all your needs a camera has to meet as the camera is the most important part. So, the key knowledge is to know what to look for in order t meet users need. You can break it into the following:

Know your need:

know your need

The first and the foremost argument when buying a CCTV camera is to know your need. By need we mean the purpose with which you are buying it? Is it to simply monitor the coming and going? Do you want to see who is coming and going i.e. you wanted to see the faces? Do you want indoor or outdoor CCTV camera system? Which type of camera you want? How many you want? Do you want wired or you want wireless system? And what is your budget?

Factors to consider:

Factors to consider

There are various critical variables to consider when obtaining another CCTV camera, the vast majority of which guide to at least one of the fundamental equipment segments, so understanding the segments and how they influence the CCTV camera’s execution is an essential piece of comprehending what to search for.


The focal point is the thing that accumulates the light for the sensor. Everything the viewer sees, or that gets recorded on the DVR gets through the viewpoint. It decides the separation at which an auto’s number plate can be perused, and a face can be perceived in light of the fact that the focal point controls center. By and large, a superior focal point is more useful than a higher yield determination, as the yield is constantly restricted by the info, and the focal point decides the information.

Purchasers ought to likewise search for a zoom focal point. Some CCTV cameras accompany advanced zoom, where others have optical zoom, took care of by the focal point. At whatever point conceivable, purchasers ought to settle on optical over advanced zoom. The issue with advanced zoom is that it gives no more data than was in the first picture. Optical zoom can really include new data as it changes which light achieves the sensor.


The other essential element is the sensor size. The bigger the sensor, the all the more light it can handle, and the higher quality picture it can create. Most CCTV camera sensors come in one of two sizes: 1/4 inch, which measures 3.2 mm by 2.4 mm, and 1/3 inch, which measures 4.8 mm by 3.6 mm; giving it over double the surface region of the smaller sensor. A bigger sensor accumulates all the more light, as well as in doing as such gives the DSP more information to work with, which is particularly useful with the less skilled processors utilized as a part of spending cameras.

Output Resolution:

One exceptionally normal specification for CCTV cameras is the quantity of level lines of TV determination it can yield, or it’s TVL. This can go anyplace up to 700TVL, with numerous cameras coming in the middle of 380TVL and 540TVL. A few specialists prescribe 420TVL as a base, however this is not generally the situation. While a high determination is decent to have, the yield relies on upon the information, so if the focal point and sensor can’t coordinate the yield determination, which is dictated by the DSP, then the additional determination is squandered. What makes a difference most is having enough determination to obviously show any picture the camera can deliver. Anything past that is superfluous.

Type of Camera:

Type of Camera

Not all CCTV cameras are the same size and shape. Different uses require different capabilities, and so there are different kinds of cameras to meet those needs. The following table shows the three basic types of cameras and some of their common uses.

Bullet Camera

These small cylindrical CCTV cameras are often used in environments where discretion is important, but there is no need to permanently install the camera in a protective dome. They work well in shops and service areas when there is a need to monitor the staff

Dome Camera

A CCTV dome camera is an excellent choice for surveillance as it not only protects the camera from casual vandalism, but also provides a degree of security as it is often impossible to tell where the camera is pointed

IR Day/Night Camera

While obvious in appearance, these cameras have the advantage of providing 24-hour outdoor coverage regardless of lighting conditions. They provide a color image in the daytime, shifting to black and white for infrared viewing at night

Which camera a given buyer wants to use depends on their goals and needs. Understanding those needs make choosing the right CCTV camera that much easier.

Indoor VS Outdoor Cameras :-

CCTV cameras use electrical parts that are delicate to the components. If water or dust gets inside of your camera, the quality of your video feeds will suffer and your camera may even quit working.

If you are installing a camera outside and it is not in weatherproof camera housing, you will definitely want to double check the camera specs to make sure that it is weather resistance rated.

There are various levels of climate resistance cameras in market now days.

Black and white or color:-

If you are going to use the cameras in an environment where the light conditions are low, it is recommended to buy a black and white CCTV camera system. Color should only be considered for inside use with great lighting conditions. For customer review CCTV cameras , color cameras are appropriate for indoor or open air applications. Numerous high determination Color cameras now utilize an IR cut-channel for built-in night vision.

CCTV cameras system recorders:-

system recorders

DVR (digital video recorder) which record onto hard drives is the best option.


There are a number of things to look for when buying CCTV cameras . Some are technical factors which apply to every situation regardless of the intended use: every camera can benefit from a better lens and high quality sensor. Other factors are more dependent on the intended use of the CCTV camera, as some types are more useful in some situations than others. A day/night camera is great for keeping an eye on visitors coming up the drive, but it may not be the best choice for monitoring staff or business premises.

There are a great number of factors to consider when purchasing CCTV camera. You need to choose the right lens, the right sensor and the right output resolution based on your needs. Not all CCTV cameras are created equal, so it is also best to choose the right type of CCTV camera that suits your needs. You also need to keep in mind that better lens and high quality sensors are the best option, regardless of the intended use.

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